Less to-do, more ta-da

Focus on the tasks that make your
team tick with help from the world's
most advanced Digital Workers.

Staring at a spiralling to-do list?

We'll help you take care of the tasks that stop you focusing on what's important, and give your people more time for the jobs they love to do.

We're breaking down the barriers between people on the frontline and the tech that makes their working lives better. With robotic process automation (RPA) that's more secure, easier to understand and faster to implement, you can get your digital workforce up and running in no time. Then you can keep it growing as fast as your business grows.

Meet the new Digital Worker

Forrester's J.P. Gownder takes a deeper look into Digital Workers changing the way we work and how, intelligent automation can drive productivity, innovation and customer expereience at your company.

Listen to our detailed webinar to find out how automation may impact your business.

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Time for what matters

Repetitive manual tasks aren’t what make your team great. We’ll help them find time for what does, working with them to identify and automate the processes that eat up valuable energy.

Find out how using RPA to automate 20 complex business processes freed up Quad/Graphics’ employees to do the customer-facing, value-adding work they do best, and increased cashflow by $10 million a day in the process.

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Your team, your RPA

You and your team know better than anyone what you need to do your best work – and what’s standing in your way. That’s why we made it easier to choose, build and adapt your suite of digital workers to suit your needs, instead of handing the job over to IT.

But where to begin? Check out our guide to identifying and addressing the non-value-adding tasks that use up time better spent elsewhere.

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Smart, but simple

Robotic process automation: the name sounds complex, but it's really quite simple.

With ready-made bots from our 'Bot Store™', you can implement solutions fast, and learn to use them even faster. Even better, you'll be able to adapt your Digital Workers to the changing times, tweaking with their capabilities as the needs of your department evolve.

Watch our interview with David O'Brien, Business Enablement Manager for Dell Technologies, to find out how just a fortnight of training took Dell EMC's manufacturing team from RPA novices to automating over 23,000 transactions in just eight weeks.

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What is a Digital Worker?

A Digital Worker combines task-oriented, cognitive and analytical abilities to automate and optimise key processes.

Digital Workers are built to augment human workers in specific business functions, across a range of verticals; increasing the speed and adoption of automation and allowing organisations to rapidly scale their automation initiatives to drive productivity, efficiency and growth.

What could your Digital Worker do?

Take a peek at the tip of the iceberg:
four 'bots' out of hundreds available in the Automation Anywhere Bot Store™.

On-board new employees

Induct new additions to the team in any company, before and after hiring.

Create purchase orders receipts

Create, test purchase orders and create receipts for purchase orders.

Recruit employees using LinkedIn

Extract profile information from LinkedIn searches and have them emailed to you in an Excel file.

Generate accounts receivable receipts

Create receipts from the accounts receivable professional’s incoming emails and update payment receipt transactions on Oracle EBS.

Bancolombia frees 127,000 hours a year

To improve the customer banking experience, automate repetitive tasks and increase efficiency, Bancolombia needed to change the way it worked. With human staff and Digital Workers running in tandem, we helped automate hundreds of workflows and opened up brand-new revenue streams.

'Because of the quick wins we achieved with RPA in our first pilots, word spread like wildfire throughout the business as to what RPA could do for our employees.'

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ANZ see 40% cost savings from 100 Digital Workers

With 33 countries to oversee, ANZ’s operations were already complex; its RPA strategy needed to be implemented easily and generate results quickly. By focusing on automating over 100 smaller, simpler processes across the business, we helped ANZ save on costs, engage employees and drive up ROI.

'One of the most fulfilling things I have been associated with in my career. The opportunity to improve the quality of work is very important to me and automation is enabling us to do that.'

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Juniper Networks reaches 100% invoice accuracy

To grow fast in a competitive market, Juniper Networks needed to think outside the box to cut costs, add value, and process invoices more accurately. We automated billing for six of its largest customers, reducing the risk of errors, improving turnaround time and giving better insight into Juniper’s most complex processes.

'With the implementation of RPA for our billing portal, we’ve increased our efficiency and production, decreased processing costs, and scaled for the future.'

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Seeing is believing

Ready to see the future? Sign up for a demo, and we'll work with you to:
Find out what RPA can do in your industry
Show you how RPA works in a real-world scenario
Identify where workflow automation could help your team

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