Powering Financial Advisors for Success with Business-Centric Intelligent Automation

With the average age of a financial advisor nearing 60, attracting and retaining advisors is core to many wealth management institutions’ growth strategies. According to a J.D. Power study, dissatisfied advisors are three times more likely to leave the firm. That’s why Matt Ham, VP of Digital Automation at Osaic, one of the nation’s largest independent broker-dealers serving 11,000 financial professionals, is determined to transform the firm’s digital services. The goal is to enable advisors to focus on providing the best financial services to clients and help them reach their retirement goals successfully. Under Matt’s leadership, Osaic expanded from a proof of concept with 4 process automations to more than 60 processes within a year, reducing automated back office processes cycle time by 25% and closing 66% of the cases at least one day earlier.

Join the webinar where Matt shares real-world practices, insights, and roadmap for a business-centric automation strategy. From identifying high-impact processes to securing executive buy-in, this session equips attendees with tools to develop an intelligent automation program that transforms businesses into agile, efficient, and innovation-driven powerhouses.

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MAR 7, 2024
8 am PT


Matt Ham

Vice President, Digital Automation

Linda Ding

Director of Solutions Marketing
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